Greg Graves
Greg Graves

Thank you for your interest in the City of Senatobia and for browsing through our website.

Moving to a new area is always exciting but it also involves much preparation. If you are considering a move into Senatobia, Tate County , this website will assist you in your planning and decision-making. Feel free to give the helpful folks at City Hall a call at 662-562-4474 if you need to speak with someone. As a newcomer, you will undoubtedly receive many warm welcomes but let me be the first to officially welcome you to Senatobia.

If you are considering a business opportunity in our community, this website will give you information on how to get local ordinances and regulations that may apply to you. In addition, you might want to contact our local economic development office at 662-562-8715 for further assistance with relocating and business development.

This website was designed to assist people in finding information about our community. Our site is linked with many other sites that you might also want to browse. Through this website, you can find out about relocating to Senatobia, going into business here, building a home or a subdivision here, our schools, Northwest Mississippi Community College, and a host of many other topics.

Senatobia, Tate County , is a great place to live and to do business. We are a growing, thriving community in the northwest corner of Mississippi . Our proximity to Memphis and DeSoto County enables us to take advantage of the amenities found in those cities. We appreciate your interest!