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Absentee Voting

Published December 10th, 2018

You may absentee vote at 133 N. Front St., Senatobia, MS 38668. Hours will be 8:00AM until Noon and 1:00PM until 5:00PM on the 13th-14th, 17th-21st and 8:00AM until Noon on Saturday, December 15th and 22nd. Noon, December 22, 2018 is the deadline for absentee voting. A voter in Mississippi can vote absentee for one of the following reasons: The voter will be outside of his or her home county on Election Day. The voter is a “student, teacher or administrator at a school whose studies or employment there necessitates” absence from the voter’s home county on Election Day (spouses and dependents of such voters are also eligible to vote absentee). The voter is disabled and therefore unable to vote in person. The voter is the parent, spouse or dependent of a disabled person “who is hospitalized outside of [his or her] county of residence or more than 50 miles away” and will be with the disabled person on Election Day. The voter is 65 years old or older. The voter is required to be at work on Election Day during polling hours